Hedge Hollow Nubians With Love & Company Goat Milk Products - ADGA Registered Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats
Welcome to Hedge Hollow.
We're Dan and Lisa Nietfeld of Nowata, Ok.
We are breeders of Purebred Nubian dairy goats.
 Our first love is the Nubian but over the last few years we have added a few American Saanen's to the herd.
At Hedge Hollow our focus is to breed and raise healthy,
productive does with long, level lactations.
Although much thought and planning goes into our breeding plan, we keep a simple, straight-forward approach to our
breeding program. We incorporate bucks and does with solid pedigrees, structural correctness and strong milking lines.
We hope to achieve versatile animals with a strong constitution and productivity.
Overall enjoyment of our animals is top priority. We want healthy, content animals and that is why we have a limited show schedule. Our girls are happiest at home.
We do enjoy occasionally taking out our lovely animals and
showing them off! And they have done very well. We have several does and bucks alike, who have earned championship
and Best in Show titles.
Hedge Hollow is also a participant in the DHIR program.
All of our mature animals have full access to pasture for browsing as well as being fed a 16% protein dairy pellet feed
and free choice prairie and alfalfa hay.
We hand-raise all our kids on heat-treated colostrum and pasteurized milk. All kids are introduced to an 16%protein feed ration by 2 weeks of age and are offered free choice prairie and alfalfa hay.
We have had several of our animals tested for G6S.
All have been Normal thus far.
Girls who are not listed as normal have not been tested yet.
We will have several does freshening this spring and several
kids will be offered for sale. Please see our Sales List page for more information.
Please note that most photos of our animals are candid, non-posed photographs.
Contact Info:
Lisa Nietfeld
Ph. (918) 214-4880
P.O.Box 285 Nowata, Ok
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Kasey L. Heiller
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